Sole SF85T Treadmill Reviews India | [2021] Best Offer

If you are looking for Sole SF85T Treadmill Reviews India then this is the best article you are landed on. You will save ₹ 54,100.00 (25%) on Sole SF85T Treadmill if You buy this now from Amazon India. This Treadmill is premium which cost approx ₹ 1,59,900 & got 5/5 ratting which is Excellent this is possible if the Quality is Superb.

Sole SF85T is the best folding treadmill with the highest horsepower motor i,e (4.0 HP continuous). You will get a large Running Surface of 20″x60″ with a 10.1″ TFT LCD display that includes a message board for clear instruction, Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse, and Pace. There is also a 1/4 mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs. The console also has built-in speakers which allow you to hook up any MP3 player (iPod, etc.) for easy listening. It Speeds between 1-18 km/h which is very good for high-speed runs.

Sole SF85T Treadmill Reviews India [2021]

Sole SF85T Treadmill

Motor: 4.0 HP continuous
Incline Range 15 Levels
Speed Range 1-18 km/h
Running Surface 20″x60″
Colour Grey
Contact 8668099554
Warranty Motor 5 years and other parts 1 year

Have a good bout of exercise on this treadmill to fall asleep easily. This way, you can keep your body fit and your mind healthy best Treadmill for Walking Lunges, Walking Plank.


SOLE Fitness App connects to your Treadmill, Bike, or Elliptical via Bluetooth. You can view current workout data on three different Display screens on your device. Easily switch back and forth from the workout display view to internet/social media/email sites via icons on the display screen. When your workout is finished, the data is automatically uploaded to your personal calendar for future reference. SOLE Fitness App can share workout data to HealthKitApp, Fitbit, Record, MapMyFitness, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sole SF85T Treadmill Q n A

Is the 2019 version available?
What is it's weight capacity?
150 Kg
How long is the battery backup ?
This machine dont have batteries this one requires 230v power supply
What is the warranty on motor?
5 years motor warranty
Is this the 2021 model ?
Do you have a treadmill with AC motor that i can use for 2 hrs of running continuously?
You can use SF85T for 2hours of running continuously.
What is diffrence between sole f85 and sole sf85t ??? Do newer model coming with cover under belt like sole f85??
Both are same in function,SF85T is current year 2017 version,changes in the console panel.Warranty and other parts is same.

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sole f60 treadmill comes under 70K in India.If you want to check the latest Price On amazon Just follow the above link.This is also the best & Premimum Treadmill Just go for it if you have this much budget.

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Great product. so many features. You can also fit your laptop or tab in a designated slot in the front and watch videos while exercising. cooling fans will blow air at your face. so many functions for weightage and exercise type. View On Amazon.

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Final Word

This is a Costly Treadmill but trust me this is an awesome treadmill you ever experience in your life. If you have a budget of 150K then go with Sole SF85T Treadmill or See another treadmill that has been reviewed on this website because we select the top 5 out of Hundreds & Thousands.

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